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About This Workshop

We will discuss the Open Innovation Framework , featuring insights from Dr. Kate Hammer, A Uk-based expert in collaborative creativity, inventor of storyFORMing and co-inventor of IdeaKeg. This week we’ll look at the evolving story of CareSleeves. It’s a pro bono, proactive response to a PPE gap in the United Kingdom, founded by Kate Hammer. CareSleeves is creating a range of sleeved garments for care workers using innovative and technical fabrics in aprons, tunics and smocks designed with the ergonomics of caring squarely in mind. Kate discusses how CareSleeves has developed using open innovation, collaborative creativity and existential analytic principles. We’ll look at CareSleeves is building the network and developed effective partnerships. Initially, the team interacted with the network of makers in the UK and found it was necessary to move beyond that space to define and solve the most meaningful problem. Kate will speak briefly about how the CareSleeves strategy deals with concerns around product quality/regulations. As for the challenges CareSleeves has faced; Kate explains how the team overcome some of them and persist in the face of other, more entrenched barriers.


Kate Hammer

"I try to make better things and make things better. I consult on how to make industrial and corporate innovation processes more human. The sectors I’ve worked in range from architecture/engineering, aviation, biomedical sciences, business information, chemical, commercial publishing, durable goods, energy, fintech, FMCG, graphic design, healthcare, investor relations, through to manufacturing, medical devices, mining, global NGOs, the Olympic Games, public health, software, telecoms, theatre/performing arts, university and voluntary sectors, venture capital, youth services. So not quite the alphabet, but near enough. My work has served corporate innovation/R&D teams, HR departments, several division presidents of an S&P 500 company; and numerous CEO at any point from startup onwards to £100m turnover. A lifelong student of humans and how we tick, I’ve been lucky to learn about and lead workplace creativity with teams and tribes dotted around Europe and North America. Besides training people in collaborative creativity. I am the inventor of storyFORMing and co-inventor of IdeaKeg. During the pandemic, I earn a living coaching individuals and supervising coaches. "