Our Story

Millions have been under lockdown, schools have closed, international travel has halted, global supply chains have been disrupted, and yet, Covid19 continues on its global path, infecting multiple countries along the way. The pandemic has disrupted our world in many ways, and The Post-Covid19 era is not a business as usual any more. Organizations have to come up with innovative ideas and new business models to ensure their long-term sustainability. 

Founded in April 2020, Disruptive Innovation Hub(DIH) is a community-based online learning initiative to help you navigate your innovation journey in the post-pandemic era, through deep subject matter expertise (academic and industry), local and global research partnerships, deep experience in technology commercialization and innovation management, and the development of a local and global community of innovation experts and practitioners.

We are here to facilitate your innovation journey by helping You LEARN & APPLY The Best Global Innovation Practices To Solve Real-world Problems.


Our Team

Leadership Team; Bergeron Chair in Technology Entrepreneurship, Lassonde School of Engineering, York University ; Co-founder, Disruptive Innovation Hub(DIH)

Andrew Maxwell

Andrew has been involved in developing and enhancing many of the tools offered by the CIC, such as the CFA and InnoGate, and regularly uses these when he engages with a variety of clients, from new ventures to established companies, from government policy makers to universities. Andrew is in demand as a public speaker on a global basis, as well as a highly rated professor of entrepreneurial engineering at the Lassonde School of Engineering. Most of his research is developed from his direct experiences in working with client companies.

Leadership Team; Co-founder,Disruptive Innovation Hub(DIH)

Omid Sadeghi

Omid Sadeghi holds an undergraduate in engineering and an MBA degree in Strategy & Innovation from Schulich School of business (Canada) and Technology Entrepreneurship from ESADE Business School (Spain). As a tech commercialization expert, he has contributed to more than $100 million technology commercialization projects during the past 15 years.(10 years in automotive sector and 5 years in emerging technology sector) Omid, is the founding member of Disruptive Innovation Hub(DIH). He helps York University(Lassonde School of Engineering & BEST Lab) to develop governance model, go-to-market strategy & community engagement approach to achieve long term sustainability of our innovation hub.