What is a Digital Badge?

Badges are digital assets used to communicate a learning achievement or credential. Credly badges link to metadata that provides context and verification. They can be shared across the Internet for maximum visibility and recognition.

Our digital Badges articulate Domain-Specific or Innovative Skills based on the competency framework, adapted from UNESCO Digital Credentialing report, eCampus Ontario micro-certification principles and framework, IMS Global Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE), Lumina Foundation Connecting Credentials, and YorkU's Faculty of Health Framework.

Our Badging Principle

  • Relevance: Digital Badges will only be issued for competencies that are currently relevant to student career success/labour market and/or graduate/professional studies.

  • Verifiability: Digital Badges will be verifiable, and integrity will be maintained.

  • Ownership: Once awarded, Digital Badges and associated data will be the property of the earner, and the earner will sign a waiver to allow information to be shared publicly.

  • Extensibility: Digital Badges will be designed to be stackable along learning pathways towards specialization, or for continuous pathways for lifelong learning towards professional certification, where possible.

Main Features

  • Criteria

    Demonstrates verification, relevance, ownership (to the individual earner), assessment, and extensibility

  • Badge Type

    Articulate Domain-Specific or Innovative Skills based on the competency framework at Lassonde School of Engineering

  • Purpose

    Recognizes learning through validation of knowledge, skills and participation in experiences which help move individuals along a career or education pathway

  • Functionality

    Demonstrate portability, the ability to share and translate credentials from one context to another

Our Badging System

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