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About this session

You will hear stories of Canadian thought leading ideas and innovations in practice, specially new initiatives that may be well known in Canada, but not yet globally. Disruptive Innovation Hub(DIH) hosted Canada Innovates, a 2 hour virtual session sharing Canadian Innovation Leadership with the world. This event was part of ISPIM Connects Global, a 24 hour virtual global conference to celebrate the world of innovation.

Program Agenda

Session 1) Digital main Street.. linking academia and the high street to stimulate recovery.
Chris Carder, Executive Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Schulich School of Business,  shares his experiences with the Digital Main Street ShopHERE project, where 100 Schulich students joined local high street companies (supported by Shopify, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, Mastercard) to aid in recovery.

Session 2) How Might We, learning how to set up problem statements
Dr. Min Basadur, the Founder of Basadur Applied Creativity, the first innovator to use How Might We to frame problems will share insights on the origin of the statement and how to use it to better define problems in order to develop innovative solutions.

Session 3) How might complex organizations innovate?
Peter Primdahl, VP of Emerging Business Models at The Co-operators Group, is a corporate leader accountable for developing and implementing innovation practices within a large and complex financial services company. He shares insights and learnings gained from his experiences of integrating innovation structure and processes into a traditional company and industry.

Session 4) How might we make create the future?
Jeremy Gutsche is the founder of Trend Hunter, a global foresight organization that crowdsources future trends allowing us to have a view of likely futures and opportunities. Jeremy will be sharing insights from his new book Create the Future.

Session 5) Fostering True Intrapreneurialism: Area 631
Dr. Karel Vredenburg, Director of Global Design Leadership at IBM, will share the experience of building a project-based innovation lab 631 (6 people, 3 months, 1 project) empowered by design thinking and replicated in 10 IBM facilities around the world.

Session 6) Super clusters and transforming how a country innovates.
Dr. Jayson Myers, Chief Executive Officer of Next Generation Manufacturing Canada, will be sharing insights from running one of Canada’s five innovation Superclusters – (NGen), and especially how they are helping 3000 member organizations develop their people and identify opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Session 7) Transforming how we educate employees and students
Alison Evans Adnani, Dev Degree Program Lead at Shopify, will share how Shopify is transforming computer science education and breaking down traditional academia/work boundaries through work integrated learning.

Event Host (Canada)Dr. Andrew Maxwell, Bergeron Chair in Technology Commercialization, Lassonde School of Engineering, York University; Founder, Disruptive Innovation Hub (DIH)

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