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  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): You will receive 1.0 credit hour upon completion of this program.

About this workshop

TechConnect is a technology focused; user centric approach to technology commercialization that starts by understanding the fundamental competitive advantage offered by a new technology, and which job it can do better than alternates. Embedding these advantages into a sequential process often involves recognizing that there is no market for a technology (learning from failure), but for opportunities that offer a unique market fit, the technology can be used to create a sustainable high potential venture. TechConnect is run as a multi-disciplinary graduate course or a 3 day multi-stakeholder intensive workshop, during which participants are introduced to a series of canvasses, to help them navigate through the complex technology commercialization process. Participants present completed canvases to the group, and based on the feedback, make the decision to continue, pivot, or kill their project. Those that pivot have to represent their revised canvas, while those that kill their project must choose to join another one.

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About the instructor

Leadership Team; Bergeron Chair in Technology Entrepreneurship, Lassonde School of Engineering, York University ; Co-founder, Disruptive Innovation Hub(DIH)

Andrew Maxwell

Andrew has been involved in developing and enhancing many of the tools offered by the CIC, such as the CFA and InnoGate, and regularly uses these when he engages with a variety of clients, from new ventures to established companies, from government policy makers to universities. Andrew is in demand as a public speaker on a global basis, as well as a highly rated professor of entrepreneurial engineering at the Lassonde School of Engineering. Most of his research is developed from his direct experiences in working with client companies.