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About This Workshop

We will discuss how to lead a corporate culture that can innovate and execute , featuring insights from Lee-Anne McAlear, an award-winning speaker & educator & the Program Director at Centre of Excellence in Innovation Leadership at Schulich School of Business, York University. While many organizations focus on addressing problems to move forward, one of the most effective ways to reach new heights is to focus on creating a culture that innovates. Contrary to popular belief, the success of winning organizations rests not on ‘innovative’ leaders but on leaders who can create, lead and sustain a culture that can innovate and execute. While some organizations, especially start ups, have innovation baked into their organizational DNA; most neither want nor need a full-on culture of innovation. They are looking for leaders who can identify when and how and why innovation is the strategic lever needed.


Lee-Anne McAlear

Lee-Anne McAlear is an award-winning facilitator, educator, consultant, and speaker. She is Program Director at the Centre of Excellence in Innovation Leadership at The Schulich School of Business (home of the top-rated MBA in Canada according to the Financial Times), Executive Education, York University and has been a sought after lecturer and instructor since 2004. Lee-Anne is also the founding partner of the Toronto-based innovation and leadership house, CURRENT, and a Director of the International Association of Innovation Professional - the only association offering globally recognized certifications in innovation. Lee-Anne has worked extensively in the innovation space in over 32 countries in both the public and private sectors. She has piloted several global innovation initiatives that have, for example, delivered new approaches to brand revitalization, new methods for delivering patient care and new ways to address customer retention. In her work at Schulich, she and her team are responsible for designing and delivering programs enhancing the innovation and leadership capabilities of executives and their people. Their programs are consistently among the top rated at Schulich. Lee-Anne speaks globally at over 25 conferences a year and has shared the stage with presenters as diverse as Alan Alda and Don Tapscott.