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About this online assessment (Basadur Profile)

A scientifically based instrument to help you discover your own innovation style while respecting those of others

This online assessment is a scientifically based instrument developed by Dr. Min Basadur for people to discover their own innovation style while respecting those of others. Each of us has our own unique blend of innovation styles, called the Basadur Innovation Profile. The Basadur Profile offers an additional kind of diversity, called “cognitive diversity” meaning capitalizing on the different ways people think, innovate and problem solve, their Style. Understanding and appreciating each other’s styles is a powerful building block to forming teams that perform and innovate better.

How this online assessment works

  • Understand your problem solving style

    The Basadur Innovation Profile Inventory measures your unique blend of preferences for the four stages of the innovation process: generating, conceptualizing, optimizing, implementing. The resulting unique blend of styles is your Basadur Profile.

  • Learn how you gain and use knowledge

    Some people prefer to understand things by experiencing while others prefer to use abstract thinking and analysis to understand. Likewise, some people like to use understanding for generating options while others prefer to use understanding to evaluate options.

  • Learn to work with your Profile to optimize your performance and enjoy your work

    We also want to help people use their own Profile to capitalize on their strengths and find fulfilment in their work. The Profile can also help people identify development opportunities as it is very possible to increase skills in all four stages of the creative process by training or coaching.

  • Not a personality test

    This assessment measures states, not traits. It is a tool to help an individual, team, or organization understand how to increase creativity and innovation in a supportive environment. No one profile, or style, is considered more “creative” than any other, each one contributes uniquely to the overall creative process.

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Who developed this tool

Professor Emeritus,McMaster University; Founder of Basadur Applied Creativity; a world leader in the field of innovation and applied creativity

Dr. Min Basadur

Dr. Min Basadur is Professor Emeritus at McMaster University and Founder of Basadur Applied Creativity. Dr. Basadur is a recognized world leader in the field of innovation and applied creativity with years of experience in building innovative thinking, and strategic problem solving capabilities across organizations. He has helped numerous industry leaders, including Procter & Gamble, BASF, Ebay, Microsoft, John Deere, Cancer Care Ontario, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo, Goodrich, Ford and Pfizer to involve employees at every level in using their ingenuity to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new products, services and revenues and cost improvement innovations. His work is noted for its applicability and scalability within organizations. He has also consulted extensively with governments, health care and educational institutions. Experiencing CPSI in 1971, Min became a lifelong friend and colleague Sid Parnes, developing Sid’s research and teachings into real world application. At Procter & Gamble, Min created a corporate-wide applied creativity consulting practice that continues to thrive today through the corporate P&G GYM capability. Dr. Basadur received three U.S. patents and earned an award winning PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Cincinnati. Min founded Basadur Applied Creativity building a unique body of knowledge using the scientific method and clinical design to validate the Simplexity™ methodology and tools in real world industry applications. Min’s scientifically rigorous approach earned him the right to be published in top peer-reviewed scientific and industry journals. His credentials include developing an international network of consulting colleagues. His Simplexity Thinking™ system and the Basadur Innovation Profile™ are used globally. His books, The Power of Innovation and Design-centered Entrepreneurship, became instant CEO need-to-reads.