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About this workshop

In this session, Langdon Morris will present a series of fascinating case studies that explain how Design Thinking has produced immense benefits in the real world for public and private sector organizations. He will also present a set of very useful design thinking tools, and cover a few bits of important theory as well.

The cases will be presented during this session:

  • Saving 200,000 + Lives with Design Thinking

  • The Billion Dollar Diaper

  • Creating a New Market for Hot Water

  • How Uber Eliminates Friction

  • The Billion Dollar Box

Tools to be introduced during this session:

  • The Design Thinking framework

  • The Value Ladder

  • TRIZ

  • 48 Research methods

  • Core and Edge Mindset

  • Friction vs Frictionless

  • Mapping


Langdon Morris

Langdon Morris is an award-winning innovator and world-renowned innovation consultant, best-selling author, and acclaimed keynote speaker.

He is Senior Partner at InnovationLabs LLC, where he leads the firm's global innovation consulting practice with a wonderful variety of clients in business, government, and non-profits.

Recent clients include Accor, Airbus, Bayer, France Telecom/Orange, ING, Ingersoll-Rand, Kaiser Pemanente, Leidos, L'Oreal, National Board of Medical Examiners, Stanford Health Care, Total Oil, UNICEF, US Navy, US Coast Guard, and many others. The breakthrough project he led for the UNICEF Polio Eradication effort was honored as a finalist in the Innovation Leader Impact Awards for 2018.

He is recognized as one the world’s leading thinkers and consultants on innovation, and his original and ground-breaking work has been adopted by corporations and universities on every continent. He has created the Innovation Mastery Course, the world’s most complete online education program in innovation.

Other Affiliations:

  • Director of Innovation Academy, a world-renowned innovation training group.
  • Founding partner of FutureLab Consulting, a strategy and technology firm that offers advanced blockchain solutions for global enterprises.
  • Co-Chair of the Innovation Council at RedTeam Engineering.
  • Member of the USA Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ISO 56000, the new global standard for innovation management now under development.
  • Formerly (2017-2018) Innovation Coordinator at SUNY's Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.
  • Formerly Senior Practice Scholar at the Ackoff Center of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Formerly Senior Fellow, Economic Opportunities Program of the Aspen Institute.
  • Formerly Board member of the prestigious International Association of Innovation Professionals, and Chair of its Annual Conference, Innova-Con.
  • Formerly Associate Editor of the International Journal of Innovation Science.

Langdon is author or co-author of ten acclaimed books on Innovation and Strategy, with editions in Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean, and French, and Editor of the five volumes in the NASA/Aerospace Technology Working Group series of space technology and commerce.