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Why innovative skills are essential for your future success

The World Economic Forum ‘Future of Jobs’ report shows the primary competences we need today, and in the next few years. Innovation and Complex Problem Solving are at the top of the list. Over a third of all jobs, across all industries, will require these top skills.

This course will explain the primary competences in the report, how they link together and how they enable Innovation. Creativity, Critical thinking and Collaboration are the skills the innovator needs to solve Complex Problems. These skills are in turn supported by Emotional intelligence which includes Resilience and Flexibility. Leadership integrates the skills in the list to ensure solution delivery. Important projections in the WEF Report are the increased need for Learning Strategies and Active learning, which this course provides.

How this training works

Training Overview

This online training program will help you understand the primary competences for Future of Jobs, how they link together, and how they ultimately enable the skill of Problem Solving for Innovation which is the opening session. Each skill will be treated as a stand alone session which will also show its linkage to the other skills. 'Leadership' will be addressed in the final session and will show how to manage the previous skills as an integrated package.
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Why take this program?

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Course Delivery

Hybrid Learning Model

This program will be delivered in a hybrid model through a series of short online pre-recorded video lessons, interactive group activities after each session and two live mentorship/coaching sessions.

Content Overview

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Skill #1: Problem Solving for Innovation

  • 3

    Skill #2: Collaboration

    • Introduction

    • Collaboration Lesson 1; Networks

    • Quiz: Network Attributes

    • Lesson 2; Diversity Matters

    • Quiz; Comparison of Networks

    • Lesson 3; My Network

    • Assignment; Who to add to my Knowlege Network

  • 4

    Skill #3: Emotional Intelligence

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1

    • Test your learning

    • Lesson 2

    • Lesson 3

  • 5

    Skill #4: Creativity

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1

    • Lesson 2

    • Lesson 3

    • Lesson 4

  • 6

    Skill #5: Critical Thinking

    • Intro

  • 7

    Skill#6: Leadership

    • Intro

  • 8

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President, Quest Management

Peter Merrill

Peter Merrill is a Keynote Speaker on Innovation and has keynoted at events such as the World Conference on Quality. As Chief Executive of one of the leading Design Brands in the Europe he has been an Innovater in one of the most demanding markets. He is an Engineer, an Artist and a Writer and has led Innovation in the fields of both Graphic Art and Engineering. He is Head of Delegation for the Canadian Committee to ISO/TC279 on Innovation Management. He is also chair of the ASQ Innovation Think Tank. He led the International Working Group which developed the ISO Guideline on ‘People Involvement’ in Management Systems and sees the best Innovation coming from the ‘Collective Knowledge’ of an Organization. He is one of North America’s foremost authorities on Management Systems which he has implemented in such innovative companies as IBM, A.I.G., R.I.M. and Solectron. He is author of the books “Innovation Generation”, “Do It Right the Second Time”and 'Innovation Never Stops'. Peter Merrill emphasizes the importance of developing an Innovative Culture which leads to innovation of both your practices and your business model as well as your products.